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The way things go... oder "never lose your sense of humor ..."

Part One

Darling, you're much too old for  music-business‘   

When you've heard these words first at age of 24 then 30 should be the latest age
to realize that the idea of beeing old with 70 is really old-fashioned!
But... still there's some spritely ladies who try it anyway - senile stubbornness, I guess.

As there always is a "for and against"  the age brings wisdom, experience and serenity
witch is grand benefit while working with producers and technicians in studios!!!

So we take a biiig "LOL" and a smily on top  Animierte Gifs und Cliparts Gifs kostenlos free zum download

Part Two

Because we're all used to it and reading is "out"...

... we here have the career listed in tabular form :

Dark Deeds I   (what I did)

-    singing classes (Gudrun Leister, PCK Mainz) 1987-1994 (focus Musical)
-    Singer "Musical Factory" (A Chorus Line, Little Shop Of Horrors, Fame)
-    Singer "Online" (Top 40 Band)
-    Gigs with "Songs For Kids" written by Rainer Johann Gross
-    Gigs with 'Best of Musical' (f.e. at the Latin-Dance-Championship 1991 Stadthalle Offenbach)
-    TV-Gig SAT1 'Wir im Südwesten'  Korndörfer-Project
-    Singer Rockopera "Alans' Dream"
-    Finale Deutscher Rockpreis, Bayreuth with "Rockcorn"
-    Radio-Interview SWF4 'Musik aus Mainz' mit Albert Höhner
-    "4-On The Floor" Swing (u.a.  'HR Cotton-Club')
-    "Recover" Lounge Sound (cool 40)

Dark Deeds II   (what was done to/with me)

f.e. for Tonstudio Frankfurt (FfM), Cologne Audio Vision (Köln),
Telebingo (Düsseldorf), Limes-Studio (Hanau),  Studio Tonmeister (Mainz),
Bazement Studios (Wiesbaden), Lutzifer Music (Mainz/Berlin)

-    CD-Productions for Lutz Korndörfer (Lutzifer Music, Mainz/Berlin)
-    CD-Productions for Rainer Johann Gross (Studio Grapp, Friedrichstal)
-    CD-Productions for Rainer Johann Gross (Studio Tonmeister, Mainz)
-    Backingvocals Rock-CD Sheela (Bazement-Studios, Wiesbaden/ LBT-Records)
-    Backingvocals Rock-CD Se Bummtschacks (KreaKustik-Studios, Ober-Olm)
-    Div. Commercial-Productions Jacobs (Radio) , TOYOTA (Radio)

-    Signation for SAT1 'Asterix der Gallier'  (Komposition und Produktion: Lutz Korndörfer)

-    Signation for SAT1 'Kommissar REX'  (Komposition Gerd Schuller, Bearbeitung, Produktion Lutz Korndörfer, Eric Babak)

-    Signation for SAT1 'Geliebte Schwestern'  (Komposition und Produktion: Lutz Korndörfer)

-    PRO7 Birthdayhymn "10-Jahre Megakino"  (Komposition und Produktion Eric Babak/Lutz Korndörfer)

Dark Deeds III   (what else is going on with me)

-    "clusterfools" from straight to strange (own songs)
        music written &arranged: Oliver Weisrock      
          vocals,lyrics&vocalarrangemants: Patricia Lösch

-    "The Lazy Chambermaids " blues&rock (own songs+cover)
        Wolfgang Dorn-guitar/ Chris Vollmer-bass/ David Niese-drums/ Patricia Lösch-vox

-    "About A Band"  Songs from the Singer-/Songwriter-Aera
        Patricia Lösch (git/vocals) & Alex Spröer (git/vocals)

-    ...Featuring Trish swing'n'jazz
        Marco Bruckdorfer-drums/ Oliver Weisrock-piano/ Wolfgang Ritter-kontrabass/ Patricia Lösch-vox
          2002/03 CD-Produktion: Featuring Trish 'Oldfashioned Feelings require oldfashioned Lovesongs' 

For all those who are not completely confused or shocked by now ...

Part Three


You're looking for :

a studio- und live-proved vocalist, flexibel, bulit in 1966, with the coolness of 
age, patience and a biiiig sense of humor?
... that won't fall into deep depression hearing words like :
 „ ..well - that take had a lot of nice aspects, but ...“ ?

I'm looking for

studiojobs, commercials etc. leadvocals, backingvocals, speaker (depends!)
and/or livejobs for my projects

Part Four

The Call

It's not as hard as it seems - just lift the receiver - not necessary with modern phones
and dial or tipe or wipe 0049/(0)6136/7130 wait for the answeringmachine - let the
lady finish (besides: it's me) and leave a message.

For the "phonophobes" just mail: